Cutting Down Some Trees is What Sold Our House

Posted May 6th, 2022 by admin

The real estate agent told us that we would have a much easier time selling our home for the price we wanted, and maybe more, if we had some trees cut down. I liked our old trees, but they were not what home buyers wanted. We needed to cut down four large trees in front of our house to increase the curb appeal. Our house had been on the market for a while, and there just was not a lot of interest even though we have had renovated from top to bottom. Well, we called a Queens tree removal service to come out and take down the trees.

Just cutting down the trees is not enough. We had to have the stumps removed and new grass planted where the trees used to be. We got fresh sod as it would fill in the area fast, and the seams in the sod squares would grow together pretty fast too. When we redid the exterior photos of our house for the real estate agent, we got a buyer almost immediately after the new pictures were posted. With the trees gone you could see the roof line of the front of our house and just how nice it looked. I have to admit that the house looked a lot better from the street with those big trees no longer blocking the lines of our house.

I would have never thought that this was what our house needed in order for it to sell, but that is exactly what it needed. I was shocked at how fast we got a response from someone wanting to buy our house. They came with a deposit check in hand. I thought that was pretty amazing actually. It was worth it to have the trees cut down. We got it back by selling the house without having to wait any longer.


Life Goes on After Difficult Moments

Posted November 24th, 2020 by admin

One of my employees passed away from the corona virus last month. It was a sad time for all of us, and we couldn’t even go to her funeral because of the risk of catching the virus. She was a secretary, and we all loved seeing her at work each day. We thought of her as a member of our family, and there was nothing that we wouldn’t do for her. I was left with the task of finding someone who would fill her role in the company. I used one of the corporate secretarial services to find a secretary.

Even though no one at the company is in the office because we’re all working from home, I still had to find someone to act as the new secretary. It was a hard thing for me to do, because I couldn’t help but think about our secretary who died. I would constantly fill up with sadness and grief, and even looking at the services would cause tears to flow from my eyes. My wife had to calm me down and help me get through the hiring process. She picked a service and contacted them for me so that the secretary could begin working.

The introduction of the employees to the new secretary was a somber moment, but it was one that had to be done. Everyone greeted the new secretary and began working while trying not to think about what had happened. I could tell just by looking at some of the employees that they were holding back the urge to cry. After a bit of time, everyone got settled into work again, and they were a little happier. They treated the new secretary like a valuable member of the team and became warm to her. We’ve had tough times, but I think we’ll be fine.


I Am Still Doing This Weird Job

Posted November 3rd, 2020 by admin

Of course what is weird to me would not be weird if I called myself something else, but in theory I am a personal assistant. That is not a secretary in this case, because my boss is extremely rich and the people he deals with are often even richer than he is. So I might have to find the local escort services in places where you would think that this was a bigger problem than it turns out to be. After going through three divorces that have cost him tens of millions of dollars, the guy has concluded that it is cheaper for him to pay a beautiful young woman hundreds of dollars an hour than it is to get involved with a woman who might think about community property. Apparently he avoids any state where that is a thing. At any rate I have gotten to know him pretty well and he has developed an entire theory about this, or even a philosophy.

Obviously it costs a man to chase women. I think when I was a broke guy in high school and college, it seems like all my money went into either my most basic needs or in chasing girls who would barely give me the time of day. That is the first part of it, which involves the cost of chasing a swimsuit model he used to be familiar with. He would talk about her very expensive tastes and how she loved getting gifts, but rarely reciprocated in the way that he hoped that she would. Of course this girl had been chased by millionaires all her life and she expected them to give her stuff just so she would smile at them. At any rate he pays these girls and they do what he wants, then better yet they go away.


A Virtual Office is the Best Deal

Posted August 20th, 2019 by admin

I knew that I was going to get a virtual office in Singapore because it just made the best financial sense to me. I have my own business, and I am the only one who works for it. I needed a professional space where clients could come see me, but I did not want to get a whole office setup because that would mean hiring others such as a receptionist and cleaning crew as well as paying a much higher price than what I would pay for a virtual office.

I had done a lot of research on virtual offices, so I knew that they were economical and definitely within my price range. Instead of spending money on a lot of overhead, I could be putting it back in my business. Staffing costs was just one part of the equation that helped me determine that a virtual office would be the best choice for what I needed. I also would not have to pay for utilities or furniture with this kind of setup because the price for the virtual office includes everything. There are no costly details hidden in the fine print. Read more »


The Living Space for Modern People

Posted April 5th, 2017 by admin

The search for a place to live with a modern look took me to somewhere I didn’t consider at first. There is a nice bit of property near the airport that is a modern technological marvel. It has all of the basic amenities of any apartment, but it has also has some enhancements created by a well known tech company. The best way to get an idea of how amazing a place is to begin with is visit property for the first time. I didn’t normally travel to this part of town unless I was taking a flight, but I was willing to make an exception.

The design of the apartment is something that looks impressive in pictures, but when you see it in person, it looks even more impressive. Everything really has a desirable modern look. There is a high speed Internet network available to all residents that puts every other Internet connection to shame. There is also a control system that adjusts the heat and cooling, which along with the Internet, are provided by the tech company. They’ve really gone out of the way to make everything interconnected and able to interface with the technology found in your pocket.

Although it is near the airport, anyone in the apartment can still get to the heart of the city in just 10 minutes by car or by taking the public railway. This is especially great for college students like me who want to shop and make it to class. I can just leave my car in the parking lot and get anywhere I need to go. With all that the apartment had to offer, I just couldn’t say no to it. I moved in after a couple of days of seeing it and it feels like I’m living in a tech heaven.


Investing and Finance Made Easy and Understandable

Posted December 2nd, 2020 by admin

I was starting to think about how I was going to be able to make a decent amount of money for me and my family and was interested in starting to invest my money but I wasn’t sure what was going to be the best strategy for me. I then came across Buy Sell Bands and I was excited to really get a grip on what the market was going to do. I found that when I was able to get some good data that I could make some better decisions. I found that buy using this system I could use the mean reversion strategy to know when to make my moves and stay away from some of the pitfalls that anyone can run into when they are making some trades.

All markets are cycling between the trending and ranging modes and this is the key that I can apply to all of the trading markets to know when is the right time to make my move. I found that this system was very accurate at predicting when the market trade ranges would be more predictable and therefore allow me to make more confident predictions with less risk. I have found that it is a very useful tool for day trading but also works with longer time lines as it shows comparisons with major stocks and the volitility of the markets in a dynamic past range.

I found that the tools that they have set up to understand about what the markets are doing have been very well laid out. I think that when you can actually see what the market is doing and having those accurate predictions laid out in an easy to read Buy Sell Band then your confidence in investing will go up because you know you are making the right decisions.


Having never lived in an urban area before, I wasn’t use to the fact that my new city isn’t as safe as my small town life was. I noticed that a lot of my neighbors use ADT in Phoenix for home security, so I decided to follow suit and get an alarm system installed in my house, too. I could easily see how doing so helps people to feel more at ease in their homes and while they are away from home, too. I may not have the ability to leave my door unlocked all day like I did in the very quiet country city where i used to live, but I can still stay safe with no problem by simply pushing the button on my security system now.

Back home, it was rare to see many cars on the road at night. This is because many of the local businesses close at 8PM. Families often spend time together at night, and most people there find very little need to go out to do things after the sun goes down. Read more »


Moving Far from My Parents

Posted May 26th, 2020 by admin

I have lived with my parents for 22 years. Even when I went to college, I just commuted from home because it was cheaper and more convenient for me. However, once I graduated, a great job offer came from halfway across the country. Even though it was my first time away from home, I was excited to start the next chapter of my life. My dad was a little more reserved than me though. I had found a great rental house, and my dad contacted ADT in Colorado Springs even before the moving truck pulled out of their driveway.

He is a police officer, so I can understand his worry about his only daughter moving 1,500 miles away. It would be different if I had been on my own before too, so he had more reasons to worry than most fathers. Read more »


Stock Up on All of the Research Chemicals You Need

Posted August 11th, 2019 by admin

Do you work with research chemicals? It can be difficult to find all of the chemicals you need in one place, whether in person or online. Fortunately, those who are looking to buy research chemicals online can get everything they need right here! Our fully certified company is more than capable of providing you with all of the chemicals you need, transported safely and in a timely manner. No longer do you have to scour Google with variations of the phrase “buy research chemical online.” Just bookmark our website and come back again and again! From Fluoroamphetamines to 4-MEC, our website has it all. We are open twenty-four hours a day, and you will always receive a tracking number with your shipment so you will know exactly when the research chemicals you purchased will be arriving. If you place your order before 5 p.m., your research chemicals will be dispatched that same day. It has never been easier to buy a research chemical online! Some of our most popular research chemicals are Ethylmethcathinone, 2-FMA, 3-MEO, 6-APB, and AM-1220. Read more »


Spreading Positivity over Social Media

Posted June 18th, 2019 by admin

Every time I browse social media websites, I always see people posting motivation quotes, and I always wondered where they were finding them. I knew that they couldn’t have made up all of these quotes on the fly, and there was no way that they were remembering them all. There were some motivation websites that they were going to, and I was going to find out which ones they used, so I could start posting quotes on my own social media accounts. I did some searching, and found one website that was really focused on giving people positive thoughts and improving themselves.

Just by looking at the website, I felt better about myself. I copied down some of the quotes that I felt were the best ones to start sharing, and posted them on my accounts. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t posting any quotes that I had already seen before on other pages. Given that there have been a lot of quotes made by various people throughout history, I would always have a wide selection of quotes to choose from whenever I wanted to make a post. Read more »


My grandfather told me that his dad, who I never met, learned to use a typewriter when he got a job as a clerk in the post office. He said great-grandfather saved his money to buy a used typewriter for home use. It was a big deal to him. I have that typewriter on my desk in my room. It was given to my father and now to me. It is in perfect working condition, and I actually use it very often. I get tired of the digital world at times. My JC physics tuition I am taking to help me brush up on the vast amount of knowledge that encompasses the field of physics is helping me to see the difference between the digital and the analog. Read more »


I Do the Coding, She Does the Cleaning

Posted April 3rd, 2018 by admin

The part time helper in Singapore that I hired has been working out well for me. Now I have more time to do work and less to spend on cleaning. I work from home as a programmer, and often I get lost in my work for hours, typing various lines of code, running tests and fixing bugs, and compiling. It’s not always easy and sometimes I’ll have to work on a problem for a while until I’m able to find a solution that will finally get my code running. By the time the day is over, I’ll be exhausted and won’t want to do anything.

My house isn’t very big, but since I’m the only one living there, cleaning it can be a daunting task. There’s all the vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, and polishing that must be done in each room. Read more »


This Older Student Really Needed the Help

Posted February 4th, 2018 by admin

This older student really appreciated the help I got from I highly doubt I would have passed the physics exam I needed to take in order to get into the university without the tutoring help. I’m an older person and decided to go back to school to get a different degree so that I could pursue a different line of work. What I really wanted to do is teach science to young people, but for that I needed to take some tests about various branches of science. One of them was physics. The idea of that test kept me up at night.

I highly doubt I’d ever teach physics, but I still needed to prove I knew some of the basic concepts. Personally, I’d rather teach biology, but I soon found myself trying to get through some physics textbooks and other materials in an attempt to learn enough so I could take the exam. I soon foundered quickly because I had no idea what would be on the test nor did I know enough to teach myself the subject. Read more »


I Got Sidetracked in Bakersfield

Posted December 29th, 2017 by admin

I was just passing through the Central Valley on my way North up to San Jose on business. I certainly never intended to stay there for two and a half weeks, but some drunk driver crossed the center line at about half past three in the morning. I had no clue what was going on or where I was when I woke up in a hospital in Bakersfield. In fact I had to see a chiropractor in Bakersfield before I could manage to drive out of there. I tried to drive back home, but there was no way that I could have withstood eight or ten hours behind the wheel. I figured that it was a waste of time to try. I would have gotten a pretty good ways before I gave up and they had to bring me back in an ambulance. It would have been a huge waste of time and money in the final accounting.

I actually did take advantage of the down time to catch up on a whole bunch of technical reading that I need to do. Read more »


It Took Hard Work to Become As Successful As I Am Now

Posted November 27th, 2017 by admin

My mom struggled through much of her life. It used to make me so sad to come home after school and see her rushing off to her second job of the day. She worked at two jobs so that she could afford to take care of the two of us. I later graduated from college so that I would not need to struggle in life, too. Now, I’m able to do things like get home cleaning services in Singapore for my own place so that I can home to a nice, clean place after work at night. I have made enough money so that I am also able to have someone go over to my mom’s place to clean it as well. Read more »


Got Rid of My Dry and Rough Hands

Posted November 20th, 2017 by admin

Thanks to Orchard manicure, my hands look like they did when I was a teenager. I went in for a manicure because I work in job that really beats up my hands. I’m always soaking my hands in water and we use a lot of harsh cleaners and chemicals that just wreak havoc on the skin. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve taken to putting my hands in my pockets when I go out and I’m very hesitant to shake hands with people because my hands feel like a brillo pad. It’s that bad. Lotions and creams seem to do nothing for them.

When I decided to try and do something about this situation, I did a lot of research online. Read more »


My Back is Really Stiff Today

Posted November 9th, 2017 by admin

I have been trying to figure out how to choose a Camas chiropractors in the past couple of days, since I have been waking up with a really stiff back. I had been out in the forest near Hanging Rock doing some hiking and a little bit of fly fishing. I did not really notice anything that could have hurt me really, but I did feel sore from going up and down the slopes of the Saurtown mountains. At any rate it took me quite a long while before I was ready to hop in the car and go to work. Read more »


I Need to Make Sure That My Kids Grow Up to Be Adults

Posted October 15th, 2017 by admin

I make it a point to know what my kids are up to for their own safety. I do not make this a secret with them at any time. I use a Snapchat account hack to monitor their Snapchat accounts. I make sure that I have their current password for any other online accounts that they use as well. I have seen too many parents say that they didn’t know their kids were doing, and then it’s too late when they say that because their child has already been harmed. It is our job as parents to know what our kids do as often as possible.

When I was a child, there were plenty of unsafe things that happened. Unfortunately, we were not so aware of what was going on in the world. There was no Internet to bring people together to teach us on a global scale. We got what little news we could from our own city and state newspapers. Read more »


I Am Borrowing My Cousin’s Place

Posted July 18th, 2017 by admin

It is not really a big deal to my cousin Seth. He is not in the country right now and he says that he is not going to be back for a couple of weeks. Of course he has an incredibly nice place, it is one of the two bedroom luxury apartments in Lewisville TX and he uses the extra bedroom as a home office. This really nice girl met me there after I called a number that he gave me. When I got there she was already there, mixing drinks with three other girls. They laughed at me at how surprised that I was to see them and asked me if I wanted to go out dancing. Read more »


Moving Here Has Been a Good Choice

Posted July 15th, 2017 by admin

I am a rather active person, which makes living in Florida perfect since I can go out year round and do the things I enjoy doing. If I decided I want to do a winter sport like skiing, then I just plan a trip to Aspen with some friends. For the most part though, I just want to ride my bike, hike, go kayaking, and other things like that. That is why I got so excited in my search for North Tampa apartments to find The Lodge at Hidden River.

This apartment complex doesn’t even seem like one. It feels like a hidden resort that has all of the fun things that active people like me enjoy doing. Read more »


This is Perfect Right Now

Posted July 13th, 2017 by admin

When my wife told me that she had found a great apartment in Simpsonville SC for the two of us, that was one more concern I could cross off my list. We were moving back to South Carolina after being gone for nearly a dozen years, and we had decided that we would rent an apartment first before trying to find a nice home to buy. There was no doubt that we would end up living in a house, but we wanted to take our time looking for it. Living in an apartment for our first year here just seemed to be the best way to accomplish that.

She had started looking at apartments even before we left our last house. She was going to stay behind with our two sons and get the house ready to be sold while I got our new apartment ready for our small family of four. The main reason we did this was so our boys could finish out their school year. When they found out that the new apartment has a swimming pool and a fitness center, they were both really excited to move. That was another concern that I was able to cross off the list. Read more »