A Decent Treatment for Sciatica

Posted January 12th, 2017 by admin

I wanted to find the best San Jose chiropractor because I developed sciatica. Anyone familiar with that condition? It’s the pits. It’s nerve pain that radiates from your lower back down the backs of your legs and it never really goes away. It’s a constant, painful condition that quickly saps most of the joy out of your life. It waxes and wanes, but never really goes away. I developed the condition when I hit forty and now I’ve had it for several years. I finally decided to seek a treatment, any treatment that would help resolve this problem.

My doctor suggested surgery, something that I desperately wanted to avoid if at all possible. I didn’t discount that I might need surgery, but I wanted to put it off as long as possible as back surgery isn’t something to be messed around with if you know what I mean. I know several people who have had back surgery who seemed to end up worse off afterwards. I didn’t want to take the chance unless it was unavoidable. My doctor surprised me by suggesting I seek out a chiropractor. He said they have been known to help the condition.

So that’s what I did. I went online and found the best chiropractor in the area and signed up for a consultation. The chiropractor said that they often dealt with patients suffering from sciatica and oftentimes their treatment brought significant relief. He warned me that it wasn’t a cure all, however, just that it eased the pain and made life easier. I still might need surgery was the takeaway, but I was willing to try the leg stretches and deep tissue massage. And sure enough it really did help. It’s not gone, but it’s bearable and that is good enough for me at this point.


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