Deciding What Sort of Security I Need

Posted September 22nd, 2015 by admin

I have just bought a really nice little house. It is out in the country a little, but it is not that far from where I am working. I like just about every thing about the place, although there a couple of things I would do if I had the money to manage it. I am thinking that I would really like to install one of those nice new ADT home security systems. The house sits well off the road, in fact it used to be the guest house of the people who originally built it and a horse farm which sits between it and the road. You get to it by driving around three hundred and fifty yards down a dirt drive way. You drive past a couple of horse pastures and through a little copse of trees, then you are beside this little lake. There is pretty much no way that anyone could be seen if they were trying to rob me. If you waited until you saw me go to work, then you would basically have the entire day to empty the place out. I have a few things which I worry about getting stolen. Mostly it is my guitars and amplifiers. I play in a couple of bands in my spare time and I have my own Public Address system, half a dozen electric guitars, a couple of acoustic guitars and various effects modules with foot pedals. Those are exactly the sort of things that thieves love to steal because you can easily find people who will want to buy them. When I was out on the road we had our cargo trailer broken into and we never got any of the stuff that was stolen returned to us. Ever since then I have been really paranoid about my guitars.


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