Our son could hit hard and catch a football unlike any other player on his team. However, for all of his abilities, he needed help with speed and agility as he was interested in at least having a college football career after high school. We checked out various speed and agility training facilities, and we settled on one in the Denver area. We needed to take his natural talent and shape it into something that would catch the attention of recruiters. He was good, and he had time as this was just his freshman year at high school.

We already had a couple of people mention how he could pull that ball out of the air even when the quarterback messed up the timing and the distance of the throw. Getting him some help boosting his speed and agility to get to where the ball was at would greatly increase his appeal. Don’t get me wrong. He could run his routes and be where he was supposed to be. However, he was so good at catching the ball and knocking other players, even bigger ones, out of his way that he just needed to get a little faster and a little more agile. This way he could be where he needed to be on the field when the route did not work out perfectly or when the throws go a little wild.

He told us that he has lost yardage gains because he was not quick enough in evading defenders after he catches the ball. He has let his own feet trip him up more than once too, and he wanted to take those weaknesses and turn them into strengths. He asked his coach about speed and agility training facilities that could help him as the high school has limited resources for someone who is considering professional play. The place in Denver has a program that will help him achieve his goals.


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