Getting a Used IPhone Unlocked from the Carrier

Posted October 14th, 2016 by admin

I used to be able to plug my SIM card into any smartphone and get it to work on my carrier. I did not want to pay a monthly bill for a new iPhone, and I could not afford to buy a brand new unlocked one. So, I decided to buy an iPhone online. I made sure that the IMEI, the Internet Mobile Station Equipment Identity number of the iPhone, was not under contract or reported as stolen. I thought I was covered and ready to go. However, the phone was locked to the carrier. I went to to figure out how to permanently and legally unlock it.

I did not want to do any jailbreak on the phone or any hardware unlocking. I was not so much worried about any warranty issues as the phone was not under any warranty. What I was concerned about was having the phone relock during the latest iOS upgrade. Plus, I wanted to be able to use all the features and sync with iTunes. I had no idea that you cannot even get a carrier signal by putting in a SIM from another carrier when an iPhone is locked. I have not had the problem with any other type of phone. I did not want to be stuck with an expensive paperweight, so I looked into getting it unlocked.

I found out the the carrier would go ahead and unlock the phone for me. Some places can get it done for a fee. Some carriers will charge you a fee. Some may not. It is worth checking out. There is usually a workaround for any hardware and software drawbacks such as locked phones, but you need to be smart about which ones you use. Don’t ruin warranties or risk relocking. Getting it unlocked from the carrier is the best way to go. That is, unless you can afford to buy a brand new unlocked phone.


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