I Am Borrowing My Cousin’s Place

Posted July 18th, 2017 by admin

It is not really a big deal to my cousin Seth. He is not in the country right now and he says that he is not going to be back for a couple of weeks. Of course he has an incredibly nice place, it is one of the two bedroom luxury apartments in Lewisville TX and he uses the extra bedroom as a home office. This really nice girl met me there after I called a number that he gave me. When I got there she was already there, mixing drinks with three other girls. They laughed at me at how surprised that I was to see them and asked me if I wanted to go out dancing. Obviously I had no idea what they meant by that, I sort of wondered if they meant the sort of dancing that they do down here in Texas. I am not a good dancer either way, but they were all good looking and there was not any chance the word no was going to come out of my mouth. I was tired after the flight, but that did not deter me even a little bit.

At any rate I went out and I found out that these girls were pretty much not doing much else. Apparently they all came from this part of Texas where they have a lot of oil and gas under the ground. I did not understand it really, but apparently their families all owned land and the oil companies send them checks every month. One of them had a big Mercedes and she scared me pretty good. The girl did not drive very slow and she did not seem to be afraid of dying. We were going from one club to another and I never got back to Seth’s place until I was ready to leave.


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