I Had an Interesting Adventure in the Woods

Posted January 12th, 2017 by admin

Of course my boss has a whole lot of money and it seems as though he likes to throw it around, although I am pretty sure that the company picked up the tab for this thing. It is supposed to be a team building exercise, something which seems to be really popular here in the Silicon Valley. In fact they take a bunch of people who are used to sitting behind desks and they take them out in the woods to try to get them to trust each other with their lives. A chiropractor in campbell had to take a look at my back when I got back though, I am not sure exactly what happened, although I am pretty sure that the guy from accounting is lucky that I did not get really mad and hit him in the face.

He was apparently afraid of heights, but that is something that he could have told the rest of us before he got up there and began to freak out. At any rate I would have been in a whole lot of trouble if I had not been hooked up to the safety line. He knocked me off of that platform some way or another and I fell about fifteen feet before the line caught me. I went swing around really hard and then I whacked a tree pretty hard. The people in the office were surprised at how well I took it, but I was really mad and I was not sure that I was not badly hurt. At the time the adrenalin had me going and I knew the feeling, I had had it in the Army a few times, but people were trying to kill me. I knew that the pain was going to come later on after that died down.


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