I Have Fallen in Love with San Antonio

Posted July 7th, 2017 by admin

When I picked out my last apartment, there was only one floor plan available. Even for the apartments that had two bedrooms over one, it was the exact same layout as the one bedrooms, with an extra bedroom added on. It worked out for me, but I do enjoy having a choice. I followed my family to San Antonio because I can work from anywhere, but I did want to look for an apartment on my own. I did a search for apartments for San Antonio, and that is how I ended up living here at Woodbridge Apartments.

What I really appreciated was having so many choices available to me. There are four different layouts for the one bedroom apartments. They are all different too, because each one is a different size and price. The smallest one is 625 square feet, and the largest one is 805 square feet. Even with a difference of nearly 200 square feet, the price is still relatively in the same ball park. For the two bedroom units, the smallest one is 948 square feet, and the largest one is 1325 square feet. With the exception of the smallest one, which only has one bathroom, the rest have two full baths in them.

Nearly all of them were available too when I looked, so I took my time looking at all the different layouts. Since my folks bought a house nearby, I knew I only needed a one bedroom unit. I ended up getting one of the bigger ones, mainly because I just liked the way it looked. I have everything I need, and I am only about ten minutes away from my parents’ new house. I never imagined I would move halfway across the country with them, but I am really happy that this is where I am starting over again. I have already fallen in love with San Antonio.


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