Getting ready for a wedding is usually months of preparation for the bride. For the bridesmaids, an early announcement of the wedding and being asked to participate may give you a year to lose weight and get your hair where you want it to be for the pictures. I have seen wedding photos where the wedding party does not look that good. I did not want that to be me in any wedding. However, my sister decided to get married with a 30 day notice. If it wasn’t for my natural hair extensions I found online, I would have had very short hair in the photos.

My hair was short because I had just been through basic training in the military. I was in school in the Armed Forces with my hair just beginning to grow back a bit. I had it cut shorter than the regulation length for females due to a desire of it not getting in the way during the physical parts of the training. I figured I had a long time for it to grow back before I would be seen in photos that would show me without a hat. In order for me to have my normal look that I had in high school, I used my natural hair extensions made of real hair to make my hair long and full again.

I had to dress in uniform for the wedding, and my hair might have been a bit longer than regulation allowed. However, it sure did look good. You could not tell that without those hair extensions that I had a really short haircut for me. I checked the photos to make sure they looked natural. Wedding photographers are using those high resolution cameras now, and you can zoom in nice and tight with a digital photo. Even the extreme close up view did not reveal any evidence of me wearing extensions. It just looks like my own natural hair.


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