It Took Hard Work to Become As Successful As I Am Now

Posted November 27th, 2017 by admin

My mom struggled through much of her life. It used to make me so sad to come home after school and see her rushing off to her second job of the day. She worked at two jobs so that she could afford to take care of the two of us. I later graduated from college so that I would not need to struggle in life, too. Now, I’m able to do things like get home cleaning services in Singapore for my own place so that I can home to a nice, clean place after work at night. I have made enough money so that I am also able to have someone go over to my mom’s place to clean it as well. She really appreciates it, and I love knowing that she has a chance to rest now in her senior years.

Mom told me early on that it is a good idea to not get married at a very young age. When she was young, many people her age rushed to get married soon after they were high school. She was the one who explained that young people have not fully matured yet, and many problems can arise if you don’t pick a really good person to marry. By the timea I was 25 or so, I could look back and see different points in time when I matured and I knew that I was smarter than I had been in previous years.

I am 30 years old now, and I have finally said yes to marrying my fiance because he has been asking me to marry him for him a couple of years. I dated here and there for many years, but none of the other people I dated seemed like the right fit. My fiance has shown me time and time again that he is the person that I want to spend my future years with. It took me awhile, but I found someone who will help me to succeed in life instead of making my life harder.


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