Keeping Active in My Hobby Die to Chiropractic Help

Posted January 11th, 2017 by admin

I am a rock hound. Out here in the desert areas of Arizona I have found all kinds of different specimens for my collection. My coolest find was a meteorite. It is several grams in weight, and it is valued at around $200 per gram. I found a rock that is worth more than the Jeep I use to get me out into the desert to look for rocks! All of the climbing and digging works on my back, so I see a Mesa chiropractor to keep me able to go out in the field for my hobby and keep my day job.

I dream of finding a meteorite that weighs upwards of 50 pounds or so and has a value the same as the one I found. That would give me a rock worth about $4.5 million! Can you even imagine? It is a dream, but the joy of the pursuit of the hobby is what keeps me motivated. I have a degree in geology, and I seek out different earth rocks as well as the ones that are extraterrestrial in origin. The finds at least pay for the gear and time I spend on my rock hunting hobby. It also pays for my trips to see my Mesa chiropractor. He keeps telling me to not work out in the field bent over so much. He told me to buy knee pads and actually get on the ground. The bending for long periods of time was putting pressure on my back that was making pain worse.

I get carried away in my discoveries, and I forget that I am the source of most of my own discomfort. I am feeling good because my chiropractor keeps my spine in alignment no matter how hard I try to knock it all out of whack when out in the field.


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