Having never lived in an urban area before, I wasn’t use to the fact that my new city isn’t as safe as my small town life was. I noticed that a lot of my neighbors use ADT in Phoenix for home security, so I decided to follow suit and get an alarm system installed in my house, too. I could easily see how doing so helps people to feel more at ease in their homes and while they are away from home, too. I may not have the ability to leave my door unlocked all day like I did in the very quiet country city where i used to live, but I can still stay safe with no problem by simply pushing the button on my security system now.

Back home, it was rare to see many cars on the road at night. This is because many of the local businesses close at 8PM. Families often spend time together at night, and most people there find very little need to go out to do things after the sun goes down. If someone does need to get in touch with you, they simply pick up the phone to call or text you. In Phoenix, things are very different. Many businesses stay open very late, and there are even a lot of them that stay open 24 hours. It’s not uncommon to overhear someone say that finished their workday at 11PM, and then they go to the grocery store to do their weekly grocery shopping afterward.

Living in an urban area where businesses stay open late means that there are a lot of people on the road during late night hours. This also means that criminals are out late, too. At night, I turn my home’s alarm system on, and I no longer have to worry after that. It arms all the doors to my home, and gives me the ability to sleep soundly and securely every night knowing my family and I are safe.


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