My Gram Was in a Bad Wreck

Posted September 28th, 2016 by admin

I was devastated when I heard my grandmother was involved in a car accident. She was driving, but she was not at fault for what had happened. She was emotionally upset, which was hard enough without having physical injuries on top of it. While she did not have any broken bones or internal injuries, she had whiplash and her back was absolutely killing her. That is why I suggested that she see a car accident chiropractor in Chandler AZ. A good friend of mine was in a car accident a few years ago, and that is who she went to see.

I talked with my friend before talking to my grandma about this chiropractor. I wanted to make sure that this was the right move. My friend assured me that it was. In fact, even though she was fully recovered from the injuries caused by her car accident, she was still seeing the chiropractor at least every month or so for adjustments because they just made her feel so much better. When I told my grandma, she was more than willing to go to another doctor because she was tired of hurting.

She knew that the accident could have been a lot worse, so she was feeling a lot of stress from that too. The chiropractor was able to alleviate some of her pain on just that first visit, which I thought was absolutely amazing. She was then given a recommended schedule for treatment, and I took her to every appointment. She was afraid to drive after the accident, which made me so angry. What helped with that was the progress she was making at the chiropractor’s office. I think my gram might be like my friend and still want to come after her neck and back are fixed. I hope she is even driving herself to the appointments then!


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