My Mom is Moving Closer to Me

Posted July 5th, 2017 by admin

My mom told me that she was moving to Atlanta, and I was so happy because that is so much closer to where I am at. I live about an hour south of Atlanta, so that would be a lot easier to see her more often since I would not have to travel nearly six hours like before. I offered to let her stay with me, but she told me she had already looked at apartments for 30339. She had considered asking me if she could stay with me until she found a place, but she did not want to have to deal with commuting over two hours every day in a car.

I can’t really blame her for that, and I understand even more when she showed me the apartment she was moving into. She sent me the website address, and I was extremely impressed. I knew that there weren’t any apartment complexes in my city that even began to compare. She also told me which apartment she was going to have, and I loved the layout. I knew that she would be very happy living there, especially since her commute would only be about five minutes each way.

My mom is in her mid 40s but most people are surprised to find that out. She works out like a fiend, and she has a better body than most of my friends who are 20 years younger. I knew she would really enjoy the fitness center that is on site, and I figured that she would probably end up mentoring people young enough to be her children on how they can improve their health and body shapes. I also knew she would love the swimming pool, because she has never lived anywhere where there was not one. As for me, I am just glad that my mom is so much closer to me now.


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