Procrastinating Almost Caused Me to Lose My Best Friend

Posted January 11th, 2017 by admin

When I came home from work one night last week, I was struck by how warm it was in my house. I had been meaning to call to get appliance repair in Sacramento for a couple of months because my air conditioning unit had troubles off & on. I know that I should not procrastinate, but I did exactly that for quite some time. I realized my mistake when I found my dog laying on the floor, and he was not responding to me. I rushed him out to the car and raced to get him to the nearest emergency vet immediately.

The vet that I went to that night helped me to understand that my dog had heat stroke. He explained that it must have gotten so hot in the house during the day that hours of that type of heat really affected my dog. By the time that I got home that night the house was warm, but my dog had probably suffered for hours. The vet was able to save my dog. I am so grateful to him. I left my dog there that night so that he could get a full night of treatment while I went back home to get my house cooled off and find someone who could fix my AC unit.

As soon as I woke up the next day, I called someone over to come help. One of the companies I spoke with said that they wouldn’t have an opportunity to show up until the next day, but when I told them what happened to my dog they told me they would be right over. True to their word, they showed up and got me up and running again immediately. I was able to bring my favorite family member home that day to a comfortable, cool house again.


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