Spreading Positivity over Social Media

Posted June 18th, 2019 by admin

Every time I browse social media websites, I always see people posting motivation quotes, and I always wondered where they were finding them. I knew that they couldn’t have made up all of these quotes on the fly, and there was no way that they were remembering them all. There were some motivation websites that they were going to, and I was going to find out which ones they used, so I could start posting quotes on my own social media accounts. I did some searching, and found one website that was really focused on giving people positive thoughts and improving themselves.

Just by looking at the website, I felt better about myself. I copied down some of the quotes that I felt were the best ones to start sharing, and posted them on my accounts. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t posting any quotes that I had already seen before on other pages. Given that there have been a lot of quotes made by various people throughout history, I would always have a wide selection of quotes to choose from whenever I wanted to make a post. There are even new quotes being made right now that would fit perfectly on a social media profile as a mood booster.

After posting some of the quotes, people began to comment on my profiles about how refreshing they found the quotes. These quotes were new to them, and they got a positive feeling from seeing them. They shared the posts I made with their friends, and more people left comments about enjoying them. I was glad that I had received such a big reception from the posts, but that’s not all. I was also glad that I could spread positivity to other people. It made me want to post more to keep the feeling going.


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