The Initial Settlement Offer Was an Insult

Posted January 12th, 2017 by admin

When my husband and I said our vows, we did say for better or for worse, through sickness and through health. We both knew that problems would come as we got older, as we were both close to our grandparents and witnessed their decline through the years. We also witnessed their love though, which was a shining example for both of us. We thought old age would be our challenge, but it turned out to be a motorcycle accident. Thankfully, we were smart and hired an auto accident attorney in Sacramento, which really saved us even more grief in the long run.

My husband used to love to ride his motorcycle. He was always very safe with it, never taking unnecessary risks. He was always watching for other vehicles since we had both read the stats on why motorcycle accidents are so prevalent. None of that mattered though when a young girl was texting and driving, because there is just no way to combat that other than staying off the road completely. She was looking at her phone rather than the road, and she crossed over into my husband’s lane, striking him at nearly 50 miles per hour.

When he arrived at the hospital in the ambulance, the doctors said it was touch and go. His injuries were severe. He required immediate surgery, and those first two weeks were the longest of my life. They were not very pleasant for him either! We thought it would be open and shut with the insurance company, but I decided to contact an accident attorney when they gave us such low numbers for a settlement. My husband would likely never be able to work again, and we have three children. I was not going to let someone else’s carelessness hurt my own children and their future, which is why we got the best of the best. It was a good thing too, because we found out that the settlement amount was a true insult. Now it is in the capable hands of our attorney, and we are just going to trust in the system right now.


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