This Apartment Complex Makes Me Feel Safe

Posted June 14th, 2017 by admin

I started a new search for apartments for rent in South Charlotte NC after falling victim to a horrendous crime at my previous apartment. The place I lived before was acceptable except for the fact that the parking situation was very mediocre. You had to walk forever from the parking lot to get to the front door of your building. Everyone complained about it. It made carrying groceries into the apartment a real pain that took forever, and at night no one felt safe. The waiting list for a small garage located closer to the building had a long waiting period.

To make a long story short, I was mugged late one night outside the building while I was heading home from a late shift at work. I wasn’t seriously injured, but I was shook up enough that making that long walk every day and night after the incident nearly caused an anxiety attack. It got so bad that I just knew I couldn’t live here anymore. I went on a quest to find an apartment with secure parking facilities that would make it very difficult for bad people to carry out a robbery or another violent crime.

Well, I soon found a place and I positively love it. Not only does it have controlled access to the building via a call box, but it also has a covered parking area that you can get to via an elevator from each floor. I literally don’t even have to go outside now. I can simply walk out my front door, hop on the elevator, and ride down to the garage and get to my car without ever having to the sunlight. The amount of relief I feel from this set up is incredible. I’ve never lived in a place this dedicated to their tenants’ security. It’s awesome.


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