This is Perfect Right Now

Posted July 13th, 2017 by admin

When my wife told me that she had found a great apartment in Simpsonville SC for the two of us, that was one more concern I could cross off my list. We were moving back to South Carolina after being gone for nearly a dozen years, and we had decided that we would rent an apartment first before trying to find a nice home to buy. There was no doubt that we would end up living in a house, but we wanted to take our time looking for it. Living in an apartment for our first year here just seemed to be the best way to accomplish that.

She had started looking at apartments even before we left our last house. She was going to stay behind with our two sons and get the house ready to be sold while I got our new apartment ready for our small family of four. The main reason we did this was so our boys could finish out their school year. When they found out that the new apartment has a swimming pool and a fitness center, they were both really excited to move. That was another concern that I was able to cross off the list.

She found us a great three bedroom apartment. The boys each have their own rooms on one side of the apartment, and our room is on the other side. My wife does not work outside the home, because we both want our kids to be raised by a full time mom. The kitchen was very important for her because she spends a lot of time there cooking and baking, and she told me that it is a dream kitchen. I was extremely worried about this move, but everything has worked out perfectly for us here. We will still find our dream house, but this is perfect right now.


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