This Older Student Really Needed the Help

Posted February 4th, 2018 by admin

This older student really appreciated the help I got from I highly doubt I would have passed the physics exam I needed to take in order to get into the university without the tutoring help. I’m an older person and decided to go back to school to get a different degree so that I could pursue a different line of work. What I really wanted to do is teach science to young people, but for that I needed to take some tests about various branches of science. One of them was physics. The idea of that test kept me up at night.

I highly doubt I’d ever teach physics, but I still needed to prove I knew some of the basic concepts. Personally, I’d rather teach biology, but I soon found myself trying to get through some physics textbooks and other materials in an attempt to learn enough so I could take the exam. I soon foundered quickly because I had no idea what would be on the test nor did I know enough to teach myself the subject. I probably wasted a couple of weeks studying on my own before throwing in the towel and seeking professional help.

There’s no shame in looking for help on a difficult subject. I’ve seen a lot of people fail because they couldn’t admit to themselves that they didn’t know what they were doing. I contacted the tutor through the site and explained my dilemma, and in no time at all I had signed up for a session to see if it would help me. Sure enough it did. The tutor made the topic engaging enough that I felt I learned a lot. A few more sessions later and I knew I was ready to tackle the test. I ended up scoring higher on it than anyone else who took it at the time!


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