We Wanted to Move Before Winter

Posted July 5th, 2017 by admin

My wife and I grew up in Pennsylvania. We met right outside of Pittsburgh, and we were married shortly after that initial meeting. There was nothing holding either of us to the area, and we often talked about moving. We had no idea where to go, but we knew we wanted it to be in the middle somewhere between Florida and Pennsylvania. When I came home from work not long ago, she showed me a website about Charlotte apartments in South End. I was pretty impressed with what I saw, and I asked her what her thoughts were on it.

She told me she did not want to face another Pennsylvania winter, and she would like to move before it even got close to happening. That made me happy because I was not looking forward to another harsh winter either. The apartment complex she showed me is really nice, and we were able to take a virtual tour of one of the apartments. It has all the amenities that we would want, and some that we would never have even thought of before. We both work from home, so we could really make this move anytime we wanted.

We took a ride down there on one of our long weekends a couple of months ago, and we both really liked the area a lot. We took an actual tour of the apartment and grounds then, and we knew that we were going to do this. Fast forward to today, and we are now the proud tenants of a two bedroom unit with an incredible view of the city. We turned the second bedroom into our work office, and we didn’t even skip a beat in the transition. The nice thing is that even though winter still comes, it is going to be the nicest winter either of us have ever had.


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